7 Tasks to Outsource

  • Proofreading – most people do not catch their own mistakes. Don’t send important documents out without having an extra pair of eyes looking over everything.  It’s a simple task, but important.  We have caught so many mistakes, even on major websites, apps, and articles.
  • Online Research Assisting – VA’s are super conducting research.  The internet is a vast resource with a plethora of information.  Don’t waste your time looking for information, when you can hire a VA to assist you with that task.
  • Email Management – Hire a VA to filter through all the good emails and the spam emails.   We will even respond to your customers and clients on your behalf.
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping – Maybe you’re too busy or not an organizer of receipts and paperwork.  A VA can assist you in keeping your documents in order.  At the end of the  year, your tax person will absolutely love you for being so organized.
  • Data Input – Va’s can help reduce your workload by inputting data into a spreadsheet or database.  While you spend time collecting information,  your VA can spend time organizing for your follow up
  • Social tasks – sending thank you notes and/or holiday cards.  This is certainly a task you don’t need to do  yourself.
  • Presentations – We can take your notes and put it into a PowerPoint presentation that will help you present your work in an orderly fashion.